Plugging Abandoned Water Wells

Plugging a abandoned water well is a demanding task that requires the right equipment and know-how. Residents and agricultural business owners in Southern Alberta can look to Sunaqua for assistance. Our company is:


  • Owned and operated locally
  • Available on a 24/7 basis to deal with emergencies
  • Able to provide a quick response
  • Licensed Alberta water well drillers


When a well is no longer being used or maintained for future use, it is considered abandoned. Abandoned wells pose a serious threat to the preservation of groundwater quality. They are also a serious safety hazard for children and animals. Plugging an abandoned well prevents:


  • Downward movement of water in the well or well annulus
  • Surface contamination from reaching aquifers
  • Intermixing of water between aquifers of different water quality
  • Serious accidents from happening.


The staff at Sunaqua can arrange and complete your job promptly, every water well posses its unique requirements for proper plugging thus we offer several different options for the process of decommissioning your water well. We have successfully plugged hundreds of water well and take great pride in our workmanship. We are available for consultations every day of the week. Give us a call today.

For more informations on Plugging Water Wells Here is a link to the Alberta Plugging Water Wells

Growing forward 2 Grant incentive link for well decommissioning  This Grant Pays for 50% of the expenses of plugging the water well.