Does the property you're looking to purchase rely on well water? You'll want to make sure your well is in good shape before signing that contract. At Sunaqua, we offer reliable well inspection services for a wide range of properties in Souther Alberta.




At Sunaqua, we bring an eye for detail and a true sense of professionalism to every job we undertake. When you hire us for well inspection services, you can rest assured that we'll take the time to do a thorough assessment. Have questions about the state of your well? We'll be happy to answer them clearly and document our findings in a concise, easy-to-understand fashion. 


Overview of what to expect with a System Inspection, Well Test and Water Potability Test


System Inspection
A system inspection is conducted to assess the overall condition of a pump system and uncover any issues that may be of concern for anyone considering the purchase of a property or an overall evaluation of the health of a pump system for piece of mind.

During system inspection, we will evaluate all components of a pump system. Starting with the electrical controls and wiring, to the pressure tank and related plumbing infrastructure up and to the pressure tank. All physical components that are accessible are visually inspected for any deficiencies including the well head to make sure it is in a sanitary condition and location. We DO NOT pull the well pump out of the well for a system inspection.

Additionally, we will perform electrical tests for shorts to ground in the system and check for continuity of the motor windings. Finally, they will run the pump system under normal operating conditions and monitor the motor current (amps) to check that the system is performing properly before conducting a flow test.

This may uncover any deficiencies in the system that would prevent conducting the well/flow test.
A system inspection is performed before a well test is conducted. During a system inspection, if an existing condition is identified that could damage the well or pump system, no further testing will be pursued until well owner and any stakeholders involved notified about the concerning issues.


Well Testing
A well flow test is highly recommended any time before considering the purchase of a property. If a well is unable to supply enough water for future anticipated uses, such as animals, irrigation or normal household usage with a large family, it is advantageous to learn beforehand in order to make an educated decision on property acquisition. A draw-down flow test will determine a well’s actual yield in gallons per minute. The test requires measuring water being pumped out of the well while monitoring the water level as it drops inside the well casing. When the amount of water entering into the well casing matches the amount being pumped out, the results are the true yield of the well.

Another reason for having well test would be to check for sediment in the water as it is being pumped. Typically if a well produces sediment or has a high mineral content, it will become apparent during the test and may or may not be an indication of a bigger problem. Some wells produce sediment or have naturally occurring minerals. By visually checking this during a well test, an assessment can be made on whether or not it will have the potential to become an issue. In some cases there is a filtration element in place to mitigate the minerals and sediment. Realizing this is something to monitor and maintain is good information to have.

We offer both a 1hr or 2hr well test, depending on a lenders requirements. Some lenders will require a 2hr minimum test. When there is no required minimum, it will be optional after 1hr of testing whether to continue the test or not. This is usually determined onsite based on what the results are with the test up to that point. If it appears that the water level is lowering in the well as it is pumped, it may be prudent to continue the test to determine a stable production rate or run the well out of water and determine the production rate at that point. If all factors appear to be stabilized  after 1hr, it will indicate well production to be approximately what the pumping rate is and negate any further need to continue pump testing and begin monitoring and documenting the recovery of the well.


Water Potability Tests
Determining if a water well is free of bacteria, safe to drink and use is of utmost importance. Testing well water at least once a year to ensure health and safety is a good practice. Water potability tests can be obtained through the Alberta Health Services /or SunAqua offer's water sampling service to ensure procedures are done correctly as any contamination can render a failed test if not done properly.


This is a free service please take advantage of it and test your water every year for E.coli bacteria and coliform bacteria. 

Sample Bottle Pick-up and Drop-off locations in Alberta.

We welcome any party involved in a real estate transaction, whether it be a buyer, a seller, agent, etc., to be onsite during testing to ask any questions or learn more about how a water system works for peace of mind in the process.

Trust Sunaqua to adequately and thoroughly evaluate the state of your well. Call today for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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