Upgrading Your Well From A Pit Set


In the past, it was common practice to locate water wells in pits as they provided a frost free location for the pressure system and easy access to the underground water distribution lines. Provincial regulations now prohibit the construction of well pits as they increase the risk of contamination to groundwater and can be a deadly safety hazard. Although it takes time and money to properly upgrade an existing well and remove the well pit, doing so will eliminate these concerns.


Well pits increase the risk of contamination to groundwater because they provide a place for water and contaminants to collect. When flooding occurs, if the water table rises, or if there is a break in the water system distribution line, water may collect inside the pit. This contaminated water could run directly into the well if it is not properly capped or if the casing has deteriorated. Water may also travel down the outside of the well if the casing is not properly sealed or if the sealing material has settled with time. Another potential contamination risk comes from small animals and insects that find their way into well pits in search of water, warmth and food. From inside the well pit they can make their way directly into an improperly capped well and into the water you drink.


The process Sunaqua uses to upgrade the system it to eliminate the well pits is by relocating the pressure system inside the home, extending the existing well casing above ground level, installing a pitless unit on the well casing and backfilling the pit. The pitless unit consists of a casing fitting and pitless adapter and provides a sanitary, water tight connection to the well casing where it connects the pump to the water distribution line. It is installed approximately 2 – 3 meters (6 – 10 feet) below ground level, for frost protection. Once this connection is made, the pit can be backfilled with bentonite around the well casing and clean clay soil is mounded to the ground surface. This also allows proper access to the water well for drilling equipment for proper water well cleaning.


At Sunaqua we are experienced, qualified person with confined space entry training and licensed water well contractors with the expertise and equipment to do a safe and proper job.


Available Funding 

Alberta Growing Forward 2 Funding for Agriculture Producers:

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